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8. Limitation of liability. To the extent permissible by the applicable law, National Distillers Lda. shall not be liable before any website user for any damage or loss, including direct, indirect, accidental, specific, consequential and punitive damages or profit losses. This also applies to damages resulting from loss of data or interruption of activities arising from or related to the use or inability to use this website and its content, be it based on a warranty, contract, offence or any other legal theory, irrespective of whether or not National Distillers Lda. has been negligent or has been notified of said damage.

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11. Communication intended for this website. Any communication or other content transmitted to this website, be it by email, discussion group message, file transfer or any other means shall be considered non-confidential and non-restricted. By transmitting content to this website, the user is automatically granting National DistillersLda. a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable and non-exclusive licence to use, reproduce, modify, publish, edit, translate, distribute, execute and displaysuch content separately or as part of other works in any way, by any means orany current or future technology, and the right to sublicence.  The user agrees that National Distillers Lda.is free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in any content transmitted to this website for any purpose, including but not limited to the development, manufacture and commercialisation of products. The user also agrees that National Distillers Lda. does not need to provide any compensation or recognition in exchange for such use.

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15. General provisions.If any of the provisions in these Terms and Conditions is found to be null or invalid by any court, the said invalidity shall not affect the validity of the other provisions thereof, which shall remain in force.